Is There a Difference Between Roof Paint and a Roof Coating?

Some homeowners who wish to renovate the roof over their homes may be unsure whether they should buy reflective paint or a reflective coating. Their indecision may be due to their limited knowledge about how those two substances differ. This article discusses the attributes of reflective paint and reflective coatings for a roof. Use this information to select the best option for your roof.

Reflective Paint

Reflective paint refers to a substance that is applied onto a roof for several reasons, such as to make the roof visually appealing. This substance may also have an ability to reflect the UV rays from the sun. The paint can help to prolong the service life of a roof because it acts as a barrier to the damaging effects of moisture and dirt. Many homeowners can easily apply the reflective paint on the roof because the task is similar to painting any other surface of the home, such as an exterior wall. Reflective paints are generally affordable when compared to reflective coatings. The downside of these paints is that they may not be as long lasting as reflective coatings.

Reflective Coatings

Reflective coatings are usually applied in thicker layers when compared to the layers of reflective paint. The coatings are designed to reflect most of the UV rays from the sun. They are also formulated to have superior adhesion to the roof substrate. This makes the coating to be better able to resist being damaged by the expansion and contraction of the roof as weather conditions change.

Reflective coatings are more durable than reflective paints because they are primarily designed to protect the roof rather than improve aesthetics. It is for this reason that different roof coatings may be specifically manufactured for different roofing systems, such as metal roofs. Professional roof painters should apply these coatings so that the roof enjoys their full protection. Reflective roof coatings tend to be more expensive when compared to reflective roof paint applications.

As you can see, reflective roof paint differs significantly from reflective roof coatings. You should therefore assess what your needs are before you select which product to use during the renovation of your roof. It may also be advisable for you to consult a professional roofer so that he or she inspects your roof prior to the renovation. That expert will then guide you about the product that will give you the best results.