Metal Roofs: Paint Fading Concerns and How to Address Them

Metal is a more durable and resilient roofing material compared to wood, asphalt, and tile. Metal roofs have numerous benefits such as fire resistance properties, energy efficiency, curb appeal, and performance expectations of up to decades when properly maintained. One of the concerns that most people have before installing metal roofs is paint fading. There are various factors that can cause your metal roof to fade and lose its curb appeal. However, you can take measures to prevent this and maintain the appearance of your metal roof for years.

Causes of paint fading in metal roofs

The following are some of the common causes of paint fading in metal roofs:

UV exposure: The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is hard on paint. Prolonged exposure to the radiation causes the paint to fade over time. This is usually the case when using dark colors as they tend to absorb radiation. This causes them to dull and lose their original shade.

Cheap paint and finishes: Cheap brands of paint and roof finishes are commonly blamed for fading in metal roofs. They also tend to flake when exposed to moisture and high levels of humidity.

Choice of color: Different color hues and shades wear differently. Darker colors such as shades of red, blue, and purple tend to last long, but they show signs of fading sooner than bright colors such as shades of yellow, green, and orange.

Effects of paint fading on your roof

Faded paint has a high chance of flaking and peeling after prolonged exposure to UV radiation, rain, and snow. As the paint flakes, it exposes the metal to corrosion. Moisture, chemicals, and other corrosives in the environment can cause metal roofs to rust over time. This can compromise the structural stability of the roof.

How to prevent paint fading

The process of protecting your metal roof from paint fading and flaking is one that should be initiated during installation of the roof system. Choosing good quality paints and finishes is the best way to achieve this. There are several brands of good quality roof paint on the market that's able to resist or withstand UV radiation and last for decades without losing curb appeal. You can also choose bright shades of paint which tend to withstand fading for longer periods.

Paint fading on your metal roof can deteriorate the value of your entire home. Ensure you consult with your metal roofing contractor on the best brands of paint that you can use to prevent fading. Also, metal roofs that are properly installed and painted by a professional tend to last longer and maintain their curb appeal.