Benefits to Using Plasterboard

Plasterboard offers home and business owners a versatile, light, and durable product that is great for ceilings, partitions, and walls. It's low installation time saves on labour costs, and once installed, the boards act as a natural noise reducer for your building. Here are a few benefits to using plasterboard on your next building or remodel project:

Versatility & quality finish

As a home or business owner, you expect the best quality product that your money can buy, particularly when it comes to structural work within your building. You'll look to study the finished product to see if you can spot any imperfections. You want a product that is not only going to perform well over the long run, but also look good. Plasterboard offers a high-quality finish that when sealed properly, performs well in both dry and humid areas in the building. Its lining is designed to provide a layer of protection against fires, acting as one of the most fire-resistant boards on the market. Between the fire resistance and also the ability to be present in both dry and wet environments within the building, plasterboard offers a great deal of versatility for your building.

Another great benefit to plasterboard is that with an added finishing coat, the surfaces of the boards are smooth and visually pleasant to the eye. Contractors are able to apply a coat of sealer that gives your boards an additional layer of high-performance finish and protectant, which reinforces its durability as well as appearance.

Sound reduction

Plasterboard acts as a perfect sound reducer, cutting down errant sounds from speech and music that may travel throughout the building. For commercial properties where limiting sound travel is necessary to maintain a conducive working environment, a high-performance type of plasterboard will provide the insulation necessary to keep the environment's noise level at a minimum. This is also the case in situations with residential properties. If for instance, you have a music room in your home, the plasterboard will trap the musical sounds in one room, and limit the amount of noise that travels to others.

Quick installation, faster results

Time is always of the essence with any building or remodeling project, and for home and business owners, this sentiment definitely rings true. Plasterboard offers the versatility of being used on internal walls, ceilings, and partitions in a building. Because of this and also the fact that it's so easy to install, there are significantly lower labour costs. Workers will be able to get in and out of your building, installing each board without having to wait an extended amount of time for the boards to dry before adding the finishing coats. With other wet wall solutions, a project can be significantly slowed down due to drying wait times.

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