Re-Roofing Your Home? 3 Inclusions You Should Consider

Re-roofing your home is a huge undertaking. It generally involves many weeks, even months, of construction and interruption to your life. Usually re-roofing is completely necessary; however it can also be expensive. To get the most out of your new roof, it's a good idea to consider the following inclusions:

1. Install skylights

Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light into your home. Even a small tubular skylight can bring a large amount of light to a previously dark room. The larger skylights can even completely remove the need to use artificial lighting in your home during daylight hours.

For a relatively small outlay, skylights can provide considerable savings on your electricity bill over the lifespan of your new roof. The main cost will be the skylight units themselves, as the installation shouldn't any significant labour costs to your total re-roofing bill.

2. Create a loft space

Re-roofing is the perfect time to increase the floor space of your home. Utilising the loft area of your home can almost double the square meterage of a single storey home, and significantly increase the size of a double storey home. It's certainly worth discussing this option with your roofing contractor in the planning stage to see if it's a viable option for your home.

Even if you don't really need the extra space, it's worth considering as a way of increasing the value of your home and increasing its resale value. You don't even need to finish off the loft space; you can simply create the basic shell of a room or rooms. This way, future owners will have the extra space which can then be finished off to suit their requirements.

3. Lay insulation

All new Australian homes must be built to meet minimum insulation requirements. If you're re-roofing then chances are your home is fairly old, and insulation may not have been previously installed. A huge amount of heat is transferred through a non-insulated roof. Heat from the sun will penetrate into your home in the summer months and interior heat from your heating system will quickly dissipate through the roof during winter.

During re-roofing is the perfect time to install adequate insulation. Most roofing contractors can perform this service as well, so you can usually negotiate an all-inclusive price that will be far less expensive than if you have insulation retrofitted at a later date.

It's well worth considering these options when you're having your home re-roofed. Your home will be brighter, more energy efficient, and significantly increased in value. Contact a company such as Select Roofing & Guttering Pty Ltd if you want to learn more.