Why You Should Consider Installing Built-Up Roofing Systems

Commonly referred to by the shortened form BUR, built-up roofing remains to be one of the most popular roof types available on the market today. BUR systems generally comprise multiple alternating layers of bitumen finished with an aggregate coating. So what are the advantages of using this type of roofing system for your construction?

System longevity

BUR systems have become a popular choice in the construction industry because of their ability to provide life-long service. Whereas most single-ply systems do not have reinforcement at all, every ply of a BUR system is built with a mat of high-quality organic fibres that contain polyester felt or fibreglass for extra reinforcement. When multiple plies are compactly held together and installed between layers of waterproofing asphalt, what installers get is a more durable roofing system. Although the installation cost can be rather high in the short term, the investment pays for itself over the long term, especially if the building owner keeps up with their maintenance schedule.

Protection from water inclemency

Whereas a single-ply system only offers a single line of defence against potential leak problems, the multi-layered design of BUR roofs offers much greater water resistance. Water will have a difficult time seeping into the system's multiple layers. What is more, the asphalt used to hold the roofing system together is a watertight material that will effectively keep the water out of your entire roof system.

Low maintenance

As compared to several other roofing systems, BUR roofs are generally much easier to take care of. As the roof is built watertight, all you have to do to reap the most service from the roofing system is to hose it down with high-pressure water from time to time so you can remove any buildup. Always keep in mind that an unkempt flat roof is more susceptible to leak problems because the buildup may hamper proper water drainage. A regularly cleaned flat roof, on the other hand, will allow for unobstructed run-off, making you enjoy reliable service from your roofing system.

Protection from the sun

BUR roofs are superior thermal insulators, thanks to the multiple layers. They can save you lots of dollars spent on energy expenses since they are good at minimising heat loss or gain within your building. Usually, a special type of extruded polystyrene insulation is installed over polyethylene separators. The insulation provides thermal resistance for the roof structure as well as UV light protection for the underlying bitumen.

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