Symptoms of a Decrepit Roof

When it comes to home improvement decisions, you need to factor in both long term as well as short benefits. This is particularly important when it comes to your roof. Typically, homeowners will opt for roof repairs in an attempt to fix any current problems they may be experiencing. However, patching up leaks intermittently and opting for roof repairs for your shingles on a regular basis will only gradually decrease the structural integrity of your roofing. Instead, you need to establish if the roof has become decrepit and therefore opt for complete roof replacement to solve all the problems it is experiencing once and for all. Here are some of the symptoms of a decrepit roof that would require complete roof renovations.

Your roof's shingles are compromised

Over time, you roofs shingles may begin to buckle or curl. This may be caused due to exposure to extreme weather elements or perhaps your roof is simply old. To inspect for buckling and curling, you need to have a look at the various slopes on your roof. Curling would be especially prominent in the areas that are directly facing the sun. Once your shingles begin curling and buckling, it typically means that they have reached their life span. Repairing these shingles as they succumb to buckling will translate into regular roof repairs. It is recommended to opt for full replacement of the shingles so as to ensure they all age at the same rate,

Your roof's valleys are compromised

Your roof valleys work toward ensuring any precipitation can easily glide down from the roof into the gutters. If these valleys were compromised, your entire home would be at risk of water damage from rain, sleet, ice and snow. Typically, valleys become compromised when your roof shingles begin falling apart. Not only do the debris from the shingles begin to cause obstructions in the valleys, but also the entire valley may collapse as the shingles forming it disintegrate over time. If you find that your roof valleys are not as prominent as they should be, it could be time to contemplate roof replacement.

Your roof's flashing is compromised

Flashing refers to the compound used to seal off areas in your roof that may be at risk of water seepage. As such, it is typically found at the base of your chimney, around skylights and more and is typically in the form of vinyl or metal sheets. Over time, these materials begin to disintegrate due to wear and tear. If left unchecked, the structural integrity of your roof becomes compromised as water seeps in the rafters, which could make your roof begin to rot. If this process has already began, you may have to consider complete roof replacement and installing brand new flashing.