Is Your Roof Roaring & Rowdy? How to Soundproof Your Roof


Perhaps you feel that you're more aware of your roof than it should be, because it feels like you can hear anything that goes near the darn thing.

A roofing specialist spends the bulk of their professional life either installing new roofing, or fixing existing roofing that doesn't quite need a total replacement. Having said that, your local roofing company will be able to help you with any general roofing issues. It's not all about selling you a new roof, and this will probably only be suggested in extreme cases.

If your roof is giving you issues, your local roofing specialist will have quite a few options for sound proofing your roof. Check out a few ideas below.

A Blanket Can Be a Sound Idea

It can be as straightforward as removing sections of your roof and laying a thin sound dampening blanket underneath. These sound blankets can be used to cover your entire roof, and the roofing panels are simply bolted back into place. This is really only effective with metal roofing, which is relatively easy to remove and replace within a timely fashion. It can also be rather expensive to use this method for anything other than a metal roof.

Go Batty for Sound Insulation Batts

If your roof is covered with tiles or shingles, a sound blanket won't be able to help you. The process of removing the roof and laying the blanket can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. In this case, the sound insulation needs to occur in your ceiling cavity, and special high-density sound insulation batts can be tightly packed right above your head. This is great for many kinds of roofing materials.

Not a Lot of Space?

Depending on the nature of your ceiling cavity, there might not be sufficient room to install enough sound insulation batts to make a difference. In these cases, there's a slightly slimmer option. Your roofing specialist can actually install a double thickness sheet of plasterboard into the ceiling cavity. This takes up far less space than sound insulation batts, and is almost as effective.

Once you make the decision to get your roof soundproofed, you will be amazed that you lived with your old noisy roof for so long. Don't let the sounds bother you or interrupt your sleep any longer; you can consult local roofing specialists such as K.G.D. Roofing Pty Ltd to get the process started.